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Set 6x Tintas de Intensidad - Set 1


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Válido para pincel y aerógrafo.


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Tintas de Intensidad

Gama de tintas de intensidad Green Stuff World cuidadosamente formuladas para que fluya entre las grietas, pliegues y otros recovecos sutiles de tus figuras, proporcionando un sombreado natural y resaltando los detalles con precisión y facilidad. Acabado mate.

Pintura acrílica no tóxica. No inflamable. Sin latex.

Válido para pincel y aerógrafo.

Contiene: 6 tintas de 17ml

1x Swamp Brown
1x Crimson Magenta
1x Viridis Green
1x Hydromiel Yellow
1x Phoenix Orange
1x Sanguinem Red



Mind Blowing

This is the 1st time working with these types of paints and I am just in awe at the quality. Just like the Chameleon paints, my favorite paints by far. They have a weird and awesome look to them with the brush and the airbrush. Worth the money.

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Honestly blown away by these, can't find a fault.
Consistency is perfect. giving you enough control without going runny or thick enough to leave any brush strokes.
They airbrush like a dream out of an 0.18 CM-B
Transparency is again, stunning, works like a charm over zenith prime
Color selection is great
And best of all the finish is properly matte without that annoying sheen you get with most inks out there.

Just give them a go!

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