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Sacs de Sable Flexible x50


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Sacs de Sable Flexible x50 - Idéal pour les socles, dioramas et décors à l'échelle 1:35 (1:32-1:43)

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Sacs de Sable Flexible x50

Sacs de sable qui peuvent être adaptés à toute surface. Idéal pour représenter les champs de batailles, tranchées, zones de combats, etc. sur les socles, dioramas et décors à l'échelle 1:35 (1:32-1:43).

Pour une solution permanente, tout couvrir avec un mélange de colle blanche et d'eau, ou du vernis.

Taille approximative de chaque sac de sable: 18x10mm

Ce jeu contient 50 sacs


flexible sandbags - packaging



Exelent for dioramas and basing minis

I was going it try making tiny tissue bags for an idea I had and then I found those bags, they made my life mutch easier.
I recomend adding grey paint to mix of water and glue.

Here the result (there is another photo in another post form when i was in the prosses of building it):

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damm they look good

i'm happy that i got some of thos sandbags :D

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Very good sandbags, simple and easy to use

Obviously the main appeal with these is you can place them however you want. It's basically small bags of a teabag-like material filled with what looks to be sawdust.

I am going to use these with my Death Korps of Krieg, for those they look to be almost a bit big, but the Forgeworld Krieg models are a tad bit smaller than the normal Warhammer scale, so for Warhammer these are perfect!

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