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Promo ! Décapant de Peintures 240 ml

Décapant de Peintures 240 ml


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Décapant de peintures à base d'acrylique, d'émail et de laque.

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Décapant de Peintures

Décapant de peintures à base d'acrylique, d'émail et de laque. Totalement sûr pour les miniatures en plastique, résine ou métal. Peut être réutilisé plusieurs fois et a une faible évaporation.

Immerger partiellement la miniature pendant 1 à 6 heures, selon le type de peinture , rincer à l'eau et éliminer l'excédent avec un pinceau synthétique. Si insuffisante, répétez le processus.

Contenu: 240 ml



The best

it's enough to leave the minis in the paint remover for 15 minutes and already they strip down easily. leave it for half an hour and after brushing gently with a tootbrush you get the original mini with no paint or primer left. I stripped both plastic and resin (finescast) minis and i couldn't be happier.


    amazing please bring back

    This product has completely helped me revamp an old army, strips perfectly, light toothbrushing and all the paints gone, please bring back into stock


      Excellent product

      So I watched the video and read the previous reviews and thought I would give this a try.
      This is the BEST paint remover I've ever used. Far superior to Simple Green and a lot quicker on softening up the paint for removal.

      This is a serious MUST HAVE for any hobbyist who wants to start over fresh on a painted model.

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      This really works quick!

      Works really well. Would follow the 6 hours maximum instructions for plastic miniatures. Tested on Metal and Plastic miniatures.
      Sadly it loses it's effect over time. Mine started to get blacker and blacker because of the primer. Started to lose it's effect and stopped working over time.

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      Best remover for your minis

      WAY better than simple green or other removers I've tried. Left a painted part submerged for 20min, the paint just sloughed off, no damage to the model. No nasty chemical smells either!

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