PROJEKTEProjekte von Gemalten Gestalten, Skulpturen und Skalenmodellierung

The Halloween Project

Doom and Gloom in the night of the Witches!

I've made this diorama for Halloween some time ago after years of inactivity because the focus was on Blood Bowl stuff. This project took some time to complete it, everything you see in the pictures is handcrafted (except the miniature obviously, that's Elise from Reaper Miniatures): the pumpkins, display base, tree, etc etc.

I wanted to give a boost to the pumpkins, so I've decided for a light effect (Pumpkins eyes and tree hole): grabbed the Leds, Optic Fibers and created the electronic component from scratch. The eyes lights alternate every 5 seconds and the speed - with a trigger - can be adjusted, then under the base I've placed the On / Off switch!


- Tree / base / terrain made with the Airbrush
- Miniature is hand painted

Hope you guys will like it!

You can check more pictures and the video here:

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Official pictures of the Diorama

Halloween 1
Halloween 2 Halloween 3 Halloween 5 Halloween 6 Halloween 7 Halloween 8 Halloween 9
Details 1 Details 2 Details 3 Halloween Top

The lighting effect

Halloween Dark Halloween Lights Lights 2 Lights 3 Lights 4 Lights 5

WIP Pictures

Unfortunately I've lost somewhere the WIP pics when I've started the tree, wood display base and electronic board for the lighting system :(

Pumpkins were made with Milliput!

Elise Black Elise Blue Pumpkins

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