Brexit - Shipping to the UK

After Brexit, the transport companies and ourselves have had to make some adjustments to our systems in order to continue making shipments.

Private clients

Shipments to individuals have been reactivated on 22 of January 2021, although with limitations in the total values of the orders, at least until the transport companies finish making their own adjustments in their systems, we will not be able to accept shipments worth more than € 150 (transport included), around 135 GBP. We hope to increase this limit by the end of February 2021. We also hope to add cheaper transportation for smaller packages in the coming months.

To simplify the impact of the new UK Customs and avoid delays and other problems, we are going to do DDP shipments. This means that all the procedures with English customs, regardless of the value of the order, will be made from Spain so that the packages are not stopped at customs and can arrive quickly and without extra costs, as always. The prices of the items will be the same.

Stores and resellers
Shipments to stores and resellers are already operational from January 10 onwards.

All these customers will be able to continue making their purchases from the new ORDERS website or by sending exchange files as usual.
You will need to provide us with the new EORI ID in the UK.
Invoices will be 0% VAT in EUROS, and payments can only be made by bank transfer.
The orders will arrive at the English customs and the partner of our transport company TNT / UPS / FEDEX / DPD will contact you to carry out the customs clearance. This will be the only new cost after Brexit.

VAT on purchases may be paid at the same time that customs clearance is made, or it may be postponed until the next quarterly VAT settlement. Consult with HMRC for more information on the new ways to postpone the payment of VATs.

Other British territories
- Isle of Man, all the channel islands including Guernsey and Jersey are being considered as part of Brexit by transport companies, so all this applies to them.
- Gibraltar will continue as usual, without changes of any kind.