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Sloppity Bilepiper & The happy little Grottling

I have been making and painting warhamer models for most of my life, and, have always had a bit of an obsession with Chaos. The way that they evolve, adapt and expand to cover, change and corrupt everything has made for the most incredibly inspired models that I have seen. This one is has so much character that I just couldnt resist! Throughout the proccess I have tried to capture the two main features of the model; his overbearing foetid state and his inexplicable level of manic joy.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Demons


 The project was started by pinning the model in sub assemblies, this meant that I could make sure everthing was accessible for painting.Sloppity Bilepiper WIP 2 

Sloppity Bilepiper WIP 1 Sloppity Bilepiper WIP 3 


The base was made with a mixture of dried tree bark and milliput. This allowed me to raise the models to different heights meaning that they would not obscure eachother.

Once dry, I glued a mixture of different grade sands to give it a natural texture.

Sloppity Bilepiper WIP 4 Sloppity Bilepiper WIP 5 Sloppity Bilepiper WIP 6 


Once painting was completed, the model was assembled and details were added. This included UHU glue to the mouth and tongue to create spit strings and drool. 

More UHU glue and clear glass beads (For nail art i think) to the gutpipes to create a bubbling overflow effect.

Birch seeds make excellent miniature leaves

The foamlike moss in the marotters mouth and under the stone on the base was made by mixing fine grade foilage effects with paint, pva glue and clear coat.

Finally, the splash for the happy little nurgling was made with GSW's clear resin. a puddle was made to start with then set with the UV torch. Then more resin was mixed with a small amout of cotton wool and pulled into the shape before setting. 

Once everything was dry, the splash effect and the gutpipes received liberal doses of GW's Nurgles Rot effect paint.

Sloppity Bilepiper WIP 7