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Jim, The Centipeedle

Hey everyone! This was my Tombstalker Project that I'm excited to share with everyone! I made the base from a small size plasma disk, greenstuff, clay, and various dirt/snow textures. The crystals were made from the resin runners that the Tomb Stalker came on, and I added extra scarabs and warrior bits to it. Hope you all like it!

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Misc

At the beginning


This model came in so many little pieces that all needed to be washed before i could even start assembly.

Initial Assembly

It took several arduous hours of assembly due to everything being an individual piece and having to properly pose the body but we got there.


Here I've painted Jim entirely, but the base was still WIP. I thought it looked a little plain still, despite being built on a plasma disk, so I was contemplating what to do.

Light it up!


And here is is showing off his lit base.

Posed and Lit


I wound up filling a lot of the space on the base with scarab swarms, seemed fitting for something like Jim.



And here's the finished product!