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Wrong Turn

This is one of my first attempts at OSL, painted in July. The main figure is a 18mm dwarf miner from Scibor, who's torch will be the single light source in the diorama. It should give the impression of entering a dark cave full of dangers.

The background is a textured rock surface from a railway model manufacturer and some putty to build the walls and texture paste for the ground. The miniature was painted with the light in mind, starting from a grayscale painting with muted colors layered on.

The next step was to place the miniature in the diorama that was spray painted completely black and paint in the light. I used white/offwhite for the strongest highlights as yellow does not cover black at all. Then I faded this out towards the edges. Then the coloring with layers of yellow, orange, red and brownish colors concentrically on the rock faces and on the ground. Finally, I added the spider mother, the spiderlings and the eggs and a skull with approx. the same size as the dwarf with the same OSL painting method.

This was a real challenge as I do not have an airbrush, and with a brush you always need to watch the lines that the light travels but it was a lot of fun and I have made several others in a similar fashion.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Terrains Dioramas Fantasy

Photos of the project