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Chaos God of Change & Sorcery

My vision of Tzeentch Lord of Change, Supreme Mutator, custom painted presented on a rock diorama using GSW UV resin , glow in the dark pigment and bile effect for it's reality bending sorcery on the mortals !! 

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Demons

Painting the miniature

01 02 03 04

Handpainting of miniature process. I choose the blue tone with green and purple accent color scheme. Painting the feather effects on the wings, adding in shadings and highlights to the rest of the body. 

Diorama Base

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Created base using blue foam and plaster. Created magic spell effect on the rock using Greenstuffworld UV resin mixed with glow in the dark pigment and bile effect. Added more texture, color and foliage on the rock and ground. 

Bringing all together

13 14 15 Various views of Lord of Change.