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Many little dead goblins

New project with my favorite miniatures, my goblin friends.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Goblins

I started with Treelord trying to make a bark effect on the outside of the body and then lighten the inside. I used fluorescent colors to create light effects in various areas of the body

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I then moved on to insects and other small animals that live in the swamp and make up the fauna. I used the Chameleon Paint to give various rivlexes to the wings of the insects and I always used the fluorescent colors to make luminous effects on them too.

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Now it's the turn of the goblins and accessories to put on the scene

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Let's move on to the creation of the swamp. I started by placing pieces of cork to give movement to the ground, I put some mud effect texture and when it dried I put two types of static grass

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When the grass glue dried, I put all the elements in the swamp and poured the UV resin mixed with some acrylic paint to make the swamp water effect.

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Here are the photos of the complete work

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