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Realistic Scenery

A beautiful miniature deserves a base according to its work, that is why I preferred to go with gsw, they simply have good quality finishes and cover the needs of every dioramist, with a few simple touches we will have an impressive scenery for a future project that you will probably see here too , I started by applying a simple spray base of any color, I added textures and later added a thiick coat a crackle emulating a high humidity road, I have waited approximately 3 hours emulating a high humidity road, darkened with earth pigments that will later help me to mimic the same miniature that goes on top of this base with the terrain, moss, blossoms to finish some kind of interesting vegetation for some fantasy universe, you can get lost in the amount of possibilities for which It lends itself to working with moss and flower effects, here is a brief example of how I have used the product


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how i did it

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