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I wanted to test the spider serum at 360° and I thought I would use my goblins as a target of my project.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Terrains Dioramas Fantasy

I started with spiders, I didn't like them naked so I thought about using static grass to make hair on the back...

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Then I moved on to painting the goblins and thought of using two as prey for spiders so I took some cotton thread, wrapped them and fixed the thread with vinyl glue. I also painted some accessories and arrows to add detail to the diorama...

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For the base I took some bark and tried to recreate a fight scene between spiders and goblins. To fix the bark to the base I used some cyanoacrylate glue...

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To finish the area of ​​the two spider dens I used polystyrene and vinyl glue. After the glue has dried, I shaped the polystyrene with a cutter and finished by heating it with a lighter...

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When all the glue has dried, I spread a fine-grained texture paste for the ground, to create the cover of the burrows and connect with the base making everything homogeneous...

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On a dry basis I gave a brown color as a base and I colored the tree which I then inserted above the dens...

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For the vegetation I used static grass, tufts of grass and moss all GSW material. I have placed pieces of fishing line inside the dens to support the spyder serum...


Finally, I placed all the elements, spiders and goblins and sprayed the spyder serum all over the scene.

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