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Slaanesh Sleazes

The Slaanesh Sleazes, a deadly Blood Bowl force. I wanted to create a unique Chaos Renegade team dedicated to Slaanesh, which is now free and rampant. 

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Chaos

Startin with the Greenstuff rollas

I started with some Sculpty and Greenstuffworld rollers to get a chaotic symbol pattern rocking for my fleshy bases. 




Mixing up a bunch of Chaos Mutants


I blasted a handful of bitz into the air, let them hit the table and started assembling some chaos mutants. Then placed them on their new fleshy bases (which I would have waited now, but whatever)


Refining the colors

I settled on a purple color scheme for the Sleazes. Metallic Purple, light purple flesh and a Dark Purple Secondary. 



Finishing up the team

The Sleazes battled in 3 tournaments, taking 2nd, 3rd and losing HORRIBLY in the 3rd season. They hunger for more.