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Myphitic Blight-hauler

This is my version of Myphitic Blight-hauler.

I painted the armor using the stampling technique and i used makeup brush for it. These elements are painted with Incubi Darkness, Castellan Green, Death Guard Green and Nurgling Green. In the end I added some cracks on armor elements using really tiny brush with Rinox Hide and Nurgling Green.

I painted Metallic elements with Balthasar Gold and Iron Warriors and then I added some highlights and weathering effects.

I painted skin using Barak Nar Burgundy, Kakophoni Purple and White Scar.

I decided to base him on rock inspired by the colors of Mars. I made this rock with bark, and painted it with Mars Orange (Scale Color). In the end I added some skulls.

Hope You enjoy. :) 


Categoría: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Chaos

Painting armor with stampling technique.










Painting skin.




The final result