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Darth Maul with GSW Leds

That was Darth Maul miniature from FFG star wars legion range.

I've cut out the blades and replaced them with 1.6mm acrylicu red/orange fluorescent rod (greenstuff world) and 2 LEDS 1mm red (greenstuff world). I also used conductive paint (greenstuff world).


I have published a whole video tutorial to help you modify your own lightsaber wielders. All the stuff necessary to do it is on greenstuff world shop.

It's a pleasure to answer to any question you would have, feel free.


Category: Modelage et Sculpture Sci-Fi Humains

Material used

I used Red 1mm LEDS

Cyanoacrylate glue

Red/orange 1.6mm diameter fluorescent rod

Maul miniature.

Also used milliput and conductive paint.


material maul

Leds inside body

Leds were placed inside the saber itself with wires going thru his body

Here you can see a "no glued" version of the body with all wires going inside. Both red leds are lit.

maul leds placed 

Full french tutorial

If you want the full lenght tutorial in french it's on youtube, if you can't understand properly just ask me i can translate or explain differently. More pictures underneath this post ! :)

final pictures

A small build with the LEDs lit and off.




Piercing of leds place inside saber

I used Green stuff world drill to drill LED place inside saber



led perce



Then i use the wires to get inside the holes i made. Same for the second led

led perce (1) 

Wires inside arms

I had to make a hole inside his hand to set wires inside. Later put some milliput to close the open. 


led perce (2)



Same on his arm, on left you can see a hole that goes from elbow to the attach on body. Milliput to hide the hole made.

led perce (3)

Led 1 finished

Here you have LED in position with wires set also. be carefull to have LED screen well angled to show light outside.


led perce (4)


Same for the second LED. You make the wires go inside body and drill legs until base so you can make the wires go to the base inside the legs. DOn't forget to cut the resistor first but keep it close to set it again later inside circuit

led perce (5)

Led 2 finished

Here you can see the 2nd led finished and set in position.

led perce (6)

Here you have both arms set in position with wires inside body. You glue plastic car small sprue under the feet so you have space to have wires out under the feet of Maul. Now you drill 2 holes inside the base, 1 for resistor to touche CR2016 batteries and 1 for magnet (i used greenstuff world 3*1mm magnet) to fix batteries and wires under base.

led perce (7)

Base of Maul

Maul on his base 


led perce (8)



Alternatively to fix wires with conductive paint you can also solder it. I do both. Solder then conductive paint splash on it to be sure to have good continuity.

led perce (9)

Base finish up

so resistor going under base, magnet painted (with the wires of the other polarity touching it) with conductive paint.

led perce (10)


Base finished :


led perce (11)



Red/orange blade rod

I cut 2 pieces wame lenght as plastic one and use sandpaper to shape the tip.

1.6mm red/orange rod.

led perce (12)



Use patafix on the LEDs to protect from undercoat

led perce (13) 



Undercoat done with black (spray can for me)

Then you take out patafix and you glue the rods.

led perce (14)


You can used translucent red to get a more dark red color. And then you can paint darth maul

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