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Alvadel the All Seer Diorama

My first attempt at a diaroma, it was a long challenging, awesome, frustrating and great adventure! It is made from cardboard, green stuff, bake clay, corrugated paper, styrofoam, cling wrap, hot glue, cotton, cardstock,and ribbon. The model is a beautiful print by creepy.prints and model design by printedobsession . It is 9 1/2 long by 10 high. I hope you like it ☺ï¸Â

This is Alvadel the All Seer. He is a sorcerer, a collector and a traveler throughout many different dimensions. Over the centuries he has obtained vast knowledge of many universes and now he has amassed the understanding to conjure these portals to other realms! Here he can be seen in the process of casting a new one. Will he use his powers for good or evil? And what's that in the corner? Perhaps something has escaped through one of the portals!

Category: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Undead

Deciding the layout



Painting the wings


Sculpting the background props



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