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Thorek Ironbrow and the Anvil of Doom Diorama

This diorama has been made with the collectibles Thorek Ironbrow and the Anvil of Doom from Warhammer Age Of Sigmar V.1. The base has been hand sculpted with clay on a piece of wood, assembled and painted and sculpted again with UV resin and intensity ink. The lava eruption has been entirely made with uv resin. The projet was a long time process. The OSL has been created to enhance the lava effect avec the splatting magma. The double entry source of light from the antique runes and volcano is the point of this diorama. Finally the dwarfs has been painted and fixed on the base. 

All the diorama has been thought to increase the fantasy impression and feeling to make it super realistic and full colors.



Category: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Dwarves

Creation of the base

On this picture you can see the process I used to create the base. First I find a piece of wood, then I used clay and sculpted a nest for the anvil. I sculpted the pit with a big slice to put in it the resin lava later so we can have the feeling that the lava is making the earth crack.



Painting the base

I painted the base with mat flat black, then I used grey primer to create the marks for the lava rivers, I paintied in fire red the following marks, then I used gloss varnish, yellow and fire red paints to create freehand the lava. I covered the all base with black cracking paint. When it cracked the lava underneath became visible.


The dawarfs

I painted the dwarfs with bright colors on the cloth and natural colors for the rest. I found different colors for the beards and the hair so they all have they own looks. 

I painted the base of the Anvil in a realistic stone way. Using lightening wash to make it looks real. I painted the metal in a super realistic way the increasy the naturel aspect of the diorama. I brushed it many many times with metallic paints. I used an antic gold paint to create contrast on the anvil and the smith. 

I used the same process that I se to paint the lava to create the fire in the smith. 

It took me a long time to paint the dwarfs because the miniatures are full metal and super super detailed.



When the painting process of the dwarfs was done I created the lights and OSL with my airbrush. I also used UV resin (that need to be cured under a UV lamp) tinted with intensity ink to make realistic lava. 




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