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How to sculpt a Head

Sculpting Mini-tutorial to show how I did the Head of my miniature "Rise of Warlord" in 75mm.

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First I shape the skull serving forms seen from the front and profile.
After dialing the proportions of the mouth, nose and eyes.
I also added the nose and chin, the "hard" areas of the face.


The next step is to add a glob of putty in his mouth and mark the mouth with a tool. With another mark on the bottom, we get the lower lip.
I also wrinkles on the sides of the nose and mouth and dialed the temples some more.


I added the base of the ears and eyes balls and melted and round with rubber brush. After I scored the eyelids from the ball that had been done. I modeled the ears using references and smoothed everything with rubber brush, finishing clarify all details such as nose, forehead wrinkles, etc. This head is then not shown in the figure, but also serves to illustrate :).

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