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Tutorial: Road Base

Today I showed you how to paint road bases. 


Paints Used:

Armageddon Dust GW

Cold Grey VGC

Nuln Oil GW

Ceramite White GW

Abaddon Black GW



Category: Modeling and sculpture Bases Gaming Bases

1. First I put Armageddon Dust GW on the base.


2. I basecoated the base with Cold Grey VGC


3. I heavily washed the base with Nuln Oil GW


4. I drybrushed the base with Cold Grey VGC


5. I airbrushed/drybrushed front of the base with Cold Grey VGC and added the white stripe with Ceramite White GW


6. I lightly washed the white stripe with Nuln Oil GW and painted the rim of the base with Abaddon Black GW


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