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Brutal & Cunning

Diorama representing a brutal & cunning ork trap

Category: Modelados y escultura Sci-Fi Orcos

scene planning



First step is planning the scene in an adequate base size, and see how the characters fit in it.



The scene takes place in a city under attack, so the terrain should have appropiate elements such as ruins, battle damage and broken structures

The big ork


The main character of the diorama is a big ork, with an stupidly big mallet, powered by flawless ork engineering

The mini is made with an ogre body, and the head is half black ork,, half 40k ork, I've used greenstuff to add some details to make it look more scifi

The mallet is a rubber cork, with plasticard and some bits.

Final setup


Once the ork mini and his mallet are finished, is time to figure out the most adequate posture, so it looks like he could bullseye the incoming victim, who's chasing the gretchin who "volunteered" to act as bait for the trap.

The right position brings the whole scete together.

Big Ork painting details & close ups

IMG_0523 IMG_0601 IMG_0610

Final result



Blue fluor paint and adding the light of an UV torch makes the energy glow in the mallet glow, and gives it an even more threatening look.


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