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Iash uddra - The Endless Swarm

The Ctan shard known as: Iash'uddra - The Endless Swarm. This model contains 388 individual scarabs including all 3 released variants, plus 2 miniature variants. It was made utilizing greenstuff world's Bluestuff for molds and as casting materials Greenstuff, Brownstuff and Acrylic Resin. The main paint used was the Darth Blue Colorshift paint.

Category: Modeling and sculpture Casting and Molding

The Foundation - Wire and Aluminum Armature


Scarab Molds

molds (1)

Scarab Variations


The Swarm Begins


The Ctan takes shape

ctan (1)

Combining the Ctan and the Swarm


Black Primer


Darth Blue Colorshift Base Layer


Completed shot from the rear

rearfinal (1)

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