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Haunted Graveyard

Sigmarite Mausoleum from Games Workshop painted with GW paints and effects by Green Stuff World. LEDs in each crypt with synthetic UV hair packed into each crypt.

Fluorescent pigment added to areas around the crypts and mixed with UV resin, particularly in the open grave. Spirits hosts breaking free from the grave & crypts. Wiring & power supply beneath the base board. 

A few minutes with a UV torch, LEDs switched on & room lights switched off and it looks like a graveyard that you'd never venture into. 



Category: Modeling and sculpture Terrains Dioramas Fantasy

Prep work



Primed & basecoated. Initial wash applied and start of removal from sprue. Each portion of the model was touched up after sprue removal.

Initial test


Added UV synthetic hair & positioned LEDs. Initial test of LEDs working within structure. This was done to all the crypts.

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