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Lone Robot

NieR Automata is one of my all-time favourite videos games I've ever played and I wanted to capture the feeling of the game in one diorama. 

I used a lot of different materials like foam board, milliput, greenstuff, resin, texture paste and a lot more. 

This project was created over a timeframe of about 2 weeks and challenged me in a lot of ways since it is my first diorama ever. I always try to push myself to do more stuff out of my comfort zone and I'm very happy with the end result.

Category: Modeling and sculpture Terrains Dioramas Sci-Fi

Rough idea



I had a rough idea in my mind. Started to layout all of my stuff to add on in the next steps.

Further developing the background


I used a small root I bought from a pet store as one of the main spots of the diorama.

Ground texture and more


I layed down a thin layer of pva glue on different parts and sprinkled on a mixture of some sand. Furthermore I used milliput and some homemade rolling pins to give the expression of leftover / destroyed paths.

Wall accessories


I added some cut up sprues and bits from leftover gamesworkshop products since the wall semmed so empty.



An all over primer to bring everything together.



Added some white highlights trough an airbrush to help me with the painting.

First colour and grass


Layed down the first primarie colours I wanted to use for this project. I wanted to achieve a kinda post apocalyptic vibe with still a lot of life in it. 

Weathering and water


Added rust effects to all the metal parts and used the uv sensitive resin to make a water flow effect.

Finishing touches


Added some glow effects on the lights, the root, some leaf litter and tried out the spider serum. 



Sculpted a ballon, attached it to my little robot friend and painted everything to match the apocalyptic vibes.

Small details

2_20210207_111940 20210207_112003 20210211_173945 Since I wanted more contrast I printed out some small mushromms and added a lilly to finalize my project. 

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