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Trench System

After seeing some of @Ott.terrain work on Instagram I really liked the idea of having a section of trench to take some photos of my minis.

The main part of it is made from Sculpuremold, and I used a combination of cheap paint to do the ground and a lot of ink for the woodwork, and lots of trench mud pigment was used to get the muddy feeling

The woodwork is coffee stirrers and the hut is a food can, which was then airbrushed.


None of the minis' were done specifically for it, but I really love how my Roan Deeper looks fighting his way past the traitor guard form Blackstone Fortress.


Category: Modeling and sculpture Terrains Dioramas Sci-Fi

Intital build


Plotting out the details


Base coat


Adding textures and details

IMG_20201218_120739_784 IMG_20201218_120739_805

Letting some minis run free on the completed base

fullsizeoutput_12 fullsizeoutput_17 fullsizeoutput_18 fullsizeoutput_1e

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