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JoBatcave on a budget. A 24 by 24 boxframe with treebark and milliput sculpted rocks. The stalactites and stalagmites are from the greenstuffworld resin isicles as are the scattered leaves. All in all, at least three weeks worth of work, six packets of milliput and two packets of epoxy resin. The rock effect is just three shades of gray drybrush over a gloss black base. The cold rock effect is a simple blue ink wash. The various doors are taken from the necromunda bulkhead set. The console and chair are taken from a killteam expansion. The TV screen is an old modular gaming base, with square bases still attached. The image of the Joker is hand drawn and painted. The riddler trophie and batarangs are from the Knights batman marker sets. Other pieces were made with various sources of upcycling available.


This was a fun project and I'm super pleased with the results. Anything is possible with the right amount of time and imagination ... Even if you don't have the right materials to hand.



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