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COVID Cadians

This fall my winter break from graduate school hit and I thought, how should I fill my time while staying indoors and avoiding getting sick. So I got into Warhammer 40k and have been painting everyday since. In honor of being trapped inside, here is my creation of the Covid Cadians, making a supply run for that much needed toilet paper.

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To start, I went and found a large base

With my large base picked, I had the idea to do something post-apocalyptic due to the times.

I went to my local hobby shop and wound end just grabbing some Cadians to make something creative and a trash barrel bit with some cats.

I spared the cats for later, unfortunately.

After getting home, I grabbed out my troops and began snipping away. 


Usually, I try to multi-task. I dislike idle time, so I started the base as well.


To save money and be resourceful, I cut up my sprues into bricks and pva'd them the base.

Using an imperial guard troop as a reference, I built the wall to about chest height.

Following this, I spread PVA all over the base and threw on some sand and the trash can.


Now to prime and figure out my idea inside my head

After all of my bits were cut, cleaned, and glued to more plastic (I ran out of superglue), I went on to priming with some Wraitbone. 


With a post-apocalyptic idea stuck in my head, I had the idea of creating a weird shopping cart for a cadian to push.

I purchased some wire that was way too thick and struggled for about an hr with this process.

Fortunately, my wife found some thinner wire, more malleable, and I had a cart in no time.


Yeah, it looks crappy, but then I threw on some colors.



And it came out like this.. which I was content with.

I stuck it on the base and envisioned how the Troops would stand.


The cart looked empty, so time for some supplies.


The toilet paper was created with a roll of paper and a strip of cut toilet paper rolled and glued.

A little large, but they'll do!



A cart couldn't be complete without the most essential item of this pandemic.


On to the troops

These were my first ever Cadians, let alone Imperial Guard, that I have ever painted.

I needed to do some research and went on YouTube and Google to research regiments, look up colors, and all of that.

I ended up just printing some patterns out and trying my best!



I did end up making the Cadians a part of the Gate Keepers, the Cadian 8th.

On to the painting


130200637_302069477800732_7353335394499091668_n 130604454_165679741911887_6514438784754788029_n


First the legs

For the camo, I used wraithbone, death guard green, ork flesh, and cyborg brown contrast. 

Literally whatever I had that could look similar, I used.



Then the arms, to save paint and do the camo all at once.




Then the belt and boots, and the chest and shin guards.

I use cyborg brown contrast for the boots and belt.

Retributor Armor for the insignia and belt buckle.

Then I mix Kantor blue, leadbelcher, and a little abbadon black for the chest and shin guards.

Highlights in whatever "baby blue" you have or some silver to shine.



Onto the head.




I didn't have any Cadian skin tone paint so I created this color with Wraithbone, Rakarth Flesh, Mournfang Brown, and a little white scar.

After dotting wraithbone on the eye, I add black templar black contrast for the eyes, it was easier to dot on.




I do these steps to all 3 to a full build.




Brown highlights with mournfang brown.

Camo lighting highlight with super watered down celestra grey.





Onto the masks!


I start with a strip of a paper bag.





Then I roughly measure by looking at their face and cutting.




Double-check it fits and then paint it.




You may have a better way to do this. 

What worked for me was to modge podge the paper to prevent it from dying.

Then, use micro sol to conform to the face. I used tweezers to press on and held for forever.

Some didn't hold as well, but I didn't want them permanent.








Before placing my guys, I primed the based with black, smudged Tamiya putty on the walls for a gross look, and primed it grey.

After it dried, I used celestra grey as a dry brush. For an effect, I rolled a piece of paper, aimed it at the window, and sprayed for a "blast through" look.

Finally, I placed my guys on with the remnants of super glue I did have and arranged the cart with gear.

130248522_781544389370993_2680363994756294949_n 130265826_145561157016274_588752080645879935_n 


Finished product


Screenshot_20201211-213550_Gallery Screenshot_20201211-213607_Gallery Screenshot_20201211-213622_Gallery  



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