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Cleopatra and Caesar

Caesar takes a gift to Cleopatra. Scene based on the characters from Asterix and Cleopatra.

Kategorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Misc

The scene elements

The wall was made with a roll by Green Stuff World on a Milliput surface. Was painted depicting the effect of the light of the fire from the lamp on it.

Both bed and rug were made with Milliput. The marble floor was painted on plasticard.

Lamp, cushions, sceptre, plate, snake, gift and tray were made with Magic Sculpt. There is UV resin by Green Stuff World on the plate simulating water.

Parchments were made on tin foil. The imperial seals, with Magic Sculpt.

The whole scene was painted with acrylics.


Anonymous User 2020-05-22 00:04:25

Mucho trabajo de modelado, y un trabajo de pintura muy realista, ha quedado una escena, muy muy original.