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The angry necromancer

I wanted to find a worthy location for my necromancer and thought of using the resin and the "Green Stuff World" vegetation, a little rust on the metal parts of the skeleton, and a brush of Fluo UV Resin to give a swamp effect.

Kategorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Undead

For the base I used some material for aquariums, I spread a base of vinyl glue, I put on the gravel and I arranged the details to make the gravel take shape ...

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When the glue dried and the gravel well fixed on the base, I added the vegetation and the slime effect ..

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The final step is to put the UV resin on top of the gravel ...

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To finish, I painted the necromancer with 3 different red scales, I painted the details, I gave a light brown wash and made the lights using the lightest shade of the colors ...

11 12 15 16 7 8

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Great work!

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Gran bel progetto Jack!!!

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Great job mr frog!

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I apologize but I had to create a new project by eliminating the other for a problem with the email...