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When winter was over, the hunt began again (Darkoath Chieftain)

When winter was over, the hunt began again (Darkoath Chieftain)


 changed only the arms of this model, the color combination. And put it on the wood base and decorated it a little.

Kategorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Human

the process of making and the finished version



I started painting my skin first. Because it was the innermost part, and it was the least confident part. I was going to make a lot of corrections.




The color of the cloth on the waist and shoulders was very much thought. It's simple with leather, but it was so common that it overlapped with skin color that it would look like a lump. So I decided to use a completely different black-blue color.

It was very fun to paint the gold decorations! It was very visible to the eyes, and the meticulous work was motivated.




In fact, I'm very immature in this terrain expression. It's even my first time using snowflakes! But I really wanted to make this picture and I didn't have any other ideas. This case was completed with great satisfaction, but I think I'll have to practice more next time.




I try my first challenge with my immature work. I hope you all watch it!


if you want more see my work, please come my insta! (insta ID : kuribo_ht)