PROJEKTEProjekte von Gemalten Gestalten, Skulpturen und Skalenmodellierung

Shas’o Arra’kon

My second ever Tau 40 k Big model!
I hope you guys like it!

Kategorie: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Misc


32fd3602-bd96-4a8e-82d5-554c0f668dff As I said earlier I only painted a Broadside so this would be my second model I'm gonna build of The Eight

Building,assembling and adjusting

While I have magnetised my broadside I decided not to magnetize this model.
I pinned and blutacked my way through.64caa46d-2d18-4562-9d1a-12f29b0ad6d6

Spraying The model


The Shas’o Arra’kon with his trusty drone

imresizer (2)

The end product.


Close-up of end project