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Farben Set - Metal Alchemy - KUPFER


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Farben Set - Metal Alchemy - KUPFER


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Das Set besteht aus 8 verschiedene Acrylfarben Wasser.

Geeignet für Pinsel und Airbrush. Matte Oberfläche trocknet schnell.

1x Verfault Metall  SC87
1x Altes Kupfer Metall SC88
1x Granat Alchemy SC89
1x Rubinrot Alchemy SC90
1x Reinkuffer Metall SC91
1x Viktorianisches Messing Metall SC92
1x Amber Alchemy SC93
1x Mondstein Alchemy SC94




Brilliant paints

I got these along with 5 other Scale75 paint sets and just tried them this morning on my dragon ogor shaggoth conversion I am doing. It is an absolutely brilliant set of copper paints with spot on coverage and smooth blending capabilities. I cannot recommend these paints enough. Make sure you pierce the lids on the bottles as they come sealed - lots of people spray themselves trying to squeeze the bottles when they're brand new. You can see the paints on my blog on facebook: Xanthe's Dark Age of Sigmar - AOS28 blog

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