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After the war

This diorama is based on the new reboot of Shera and the princesses of power. 
I have used green stuff for the modeling of the 3 miniatures, transparent resin and pine flakes for the structure of the stage base, once settled, I have filled and outlined the base with epoxy putty
and added an extra dense transparent gel for the water and the waterfalls.
The tree is made with milliput and moss of different shades, green and blue, finally, I have covered the base with 3mm high electrostatic grass and some bushes.
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Fotos finales



These are the final proyect look


02 03 04

Posicionamiento e imprimación de las miniaturas

 06 07 08

At this stage what I'm looking for is to accommodate the miniaturas before they're fully attached (since one of the miniatures has one hand resting on the head of the other).

Pintado de miniaturas

09 10 11 12


13 14 02 


Finally, I used silicone molds to create the queen base, once solidified, I placed the pine lacquers on top and made the tree, then added paint, cesped and moss.