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Sunken Temple

Here I show you my Bushido Board " Sunken Temple".  It was about 45 hours of work. Lots of tufts, resin and different grass material were used.

The temple plateau was made from styrodur, formed with Greenstuffworld´s texture roll. The river is made from a 2 part epoxy mixture, mixed with green/blue color to archive a jungle color..

I also added little details like cranes, buddhas, ducks and water plants. It has also a waterfall with a hidden cave.

It is not a diorama, its a gaming board ;)

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Sunken Temple

My Bushido board IMG_1751_1




Different shots from the building process to the finished board



Eridanus 2019-03-29 20:26:49

This looks amazing! Very fun board!

Emil0 2019-03-15 07:09:28

Well done buddy :)