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Orikan empowered

There is no miniature for Orikan in his c'tan like empowered state, so i decided to create one.

It's primarily kitbash, but there are a few bits there from non-miniture sources.

The base is related to some terrain i also did.

The blue is from Ammomig, there is fluo colours in there as well.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi

Building - kitbashing

20180614_071558 20180614_071611 20180614_192335 20180614_192350(1) 20180614_192358(1) 20180614_192404 IMG_20180615_104030_471 IMG_20180615_104030_473 (2)

base paint

20180618_184810 (1) 20180626_201046 IMG_20180629_081917_673 IMG_20180629_081917_674 IMG_20180629_081917_685

Almost done

20180702_000726 20180702_000958 20180702_001022 IMG_20180702_001355_206 IMG_20180702_001355_211


IMG_20180702_001355_211 IMG_20180705_192516_386 IMG_20180705_192516_391 IMG_20180705_192516_393 IMG_20180705_192516_397 IMG_20180705_192516_398