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Forest gnome

A gnome walking in the big mushroom forest, exploring and gathering wood.

Un gnomo caminando en el gran bosque de setas, explorando y recolectando madera.



Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Dwarves


38A80074-2AED-4CE4-BAA2-2BE93E2D5414First we create rhe base using sand, treebark and little rocks.78615929-2259-467C-A7AE-61F340C31416Tape and plastic card were used to dam the edges where water will be poured. This is an important step so be careful you wont let your water spill all over the place0D5C6B02-3A18-4DD4-9CB7-5EEBCBAD54F5Greenstuff World uV resin is used to make the watereffect. Pour in small steps about 1 to 2mm per time. Use the uv light a couple of seconds to let it harden.71A479DE-C62B-4A63-99EB-47EA9B11E911Step by step of the paints used to airbrush the forest base.

Completed look

6F512274-193C-4ADE-BDB3-404433015D27Final look16170FB4-2FBE-4881-A18B-CFA6B5551E2C 16170FB4-2FBE-4881-A18B-CFA6B5551E2CFinal result