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This started as a 3D printed figure,  but i didnt liked much of the original concept so decided to alter it a bit. after some thought decided to make a more Capullo style Spawn, so i had to sculpt lot of things the original model didnt had, like a more alive cape, more alive chains.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy

From a 3D model to completion

2019-02-04 08-01-18 

At this point the print was almost done, from here it starts the custom process.

2019-03-03 20-36-40

Had to model from scratch the spikes on the left arm and legs.

2019-08-03 22-16-07

Finished with the cape and extra skulls, lots of epoxy putty :) 

2019-07-04 18-40-18

2019-08-13 00-01-20

After Making all the mods time for a Chaos Black primer and some white to increse the depth.

2019-09-08 23-33-53


2019-09-10 08-44-40

Decided that another thing was missing. Had to 3D model the logo, print and recast in blue stuff.

2019-09-22 18-22-36

2019-09-22 18-22-59

2019-09-22 18-23-47

2019-09-22 18-24-06

2019-09-22 18-24-28

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