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Noise Marine

This was a very special project for me, as it was a perfect opportunity ro express my love for synthwave art on a miniature. The Noise Marine was an ideal choice for this idea. By converting his guitar into a key-tar and adding a retro-futuristic background I thought I would bring out the atmosphere I was looking for. The materials I used were simply a plinth for the elevated base and a piece of plasticard for the background. I hope you like him!

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Human

First Stages

First of all I drew some sketches to figure out the perspective of the lines. I also drilled some holes to pin the plasticard and the miniature. For the background I used mostly airbrush with a stencil technique.



Working on the miniature

The most difficult part was designing the keytar itself. The original chords were scraped off and the keys were drawn in freehand. Furthermore, I used mostly a sythwave color pallette, consisting primarly of cyan, purple and fuchsia.photo_20photo_22

Final photos!

Here is the final result with photos from all angles! I hope you approve, cheers!!


Corrupted Navigator 2019-08-02 08:55:49

Love it!