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Modeling a basic head

This is a likely set of basic steps of how to model a human head. In the case of this example it is a male head of 35mm scale.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Anatomy Tutorials Faces

Materiales y herramientas

The materials and tools used are: green stuff and Milliput, wire,  sculpting tools, a punch, colour sharpers and talcum powder.



The armature

With green stuff and wire we create the necessary basis for modeling.


Basic form

Add two equal small balls as eyes. Then add Green Stuff + Milliput symmetrically and give a polyhedral shape maintaining symmetry. Then continue adding stuff where needed in the same way.




Add on and smooth

We soften the edges of the polyhedron and keep adding putty to form facial features and ears, keeping the symmetry.



Ending facial features

Add the remaining facial features such as nose, eyebrows and cheeks defining facial expression. Add the neck. With the punch ended ears. We finish the modeling and, if it is not necessary to add more stuff, we can apply talc with a soft brush to eliminate glossiness and better see the necessary adjustments.




This is a basic head but we can try different features and expressions in steps 4 and 5 depending on if we want it looks realistic, like a cartoon or fantastical, to be fat or thin, young or old ...