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Heretek Mobile Stasis

Kitbashed onager dunecrawler for Heretek warband using bits, printed pieces, UV resin and an electric candle.

Catégorie: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Misc

Main body

The first step is combining the bits and pieces to form the main body of the figure, both for the vehicle and for the "passenger". I used 3d printed pieces, parts of a Galvanic Servohauler, a Mantic zombie body, a Delaque masked head, a green stuff plastic tube container and bits of an electric candle.

 20201121 at 19-31-20 20201122_001354

Textura y pintado de la base

I gave volume to the base using cork, checking the final possition of the figure. I covered all with Vallejo Desert Sand earth texture, then added some small stones, bits and vegetation. To paint the base used different sepia, browns, reds and ocres washes, earth tone pigments and liquid rust pigments.


20201123 at 20-38-30 20201123 at 21-04-2520201125 at 20-16-35

Contenedor de Estasis

First I made a couple of color tests to choose the tone for the container liquid, mixing UV resin with a drop of Fluor Green. After this, with the miniature already painted, I proceeded to fill the container with resin layers. In the middle part I left a more hight layer that generated bubbles while curing. At last, I added some metallic details to the exterior of the container.

20201122_11-18-3620201201 at 21-17-38 20201202_210257-2

Pintando el vehículo

I did a zenital priming with black, grey and white. I weathered the metals and basic blue applying texture with a sponge, sepia and smoke washes and solid and liquid oxid pigments. I also did some light effects with Fluor Green.

20201122_214353 20201126_210022 20201201 at 22-49-10

Final Result

Final result of the project. The last thing to do is switch off the lights and enjoy the led effect on the container.

 z-20201202_210208 z-20201202_210336 z-20201202_210459 

Vittone 2020-12-14 16:35:53

That resin and light combines perfectly.

Plasticooplomo 2020-12-14 15:02:52

This is crazy!! Amaaaaaazing!