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Jungle Troll

Jungle-themed diorama with a large troll that hurls a rock of amethysts

I tried to recreate a dark forest atmosphere where the giants and the trolls are the masters..
Where nature remains the only true power

Categoría: Modeling and sculpture Terrains Dioramas

painting process of the troll



starting painting the troll after airbrushing priming and zenital lighting



Troggoth (Rock Troll)7


texturing of various elements



inspiring from amethists

The base



Use GSW aztec roll pin  to make ancient pieces of floor for my jungle base





mixing natural element with pva glue for creating jungle base


used cork for the base roots for tree

finish the troll

Troggoth finish1_1 Troggoth finish3_1

The End

troll jungle finish4

troll jungle finish1_2


troll jungle finish5