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Ruined building terrain/ diorama

Here’s my medium-large, ruined building terrain/ diorama. Suitable for kill team, 40k, necromunda and other wargames.

This project started with sculpting my ruins from craft foam. I textured the piece using a range of materials then went on to painting with base layers, washes, dry brushing and highlights. Once dry, I flocked, added final highlights and glossed.

All materials used have been heat treated and sealed with modelling cement and pva. Models pictured have also been painted by myself:)

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Adding highlights and first layers of flock

Here I used a mix of home made washes along with citadels Nuln oil, Agrax earth shade and brown ink. All my washes are slightly diluted with black henna ink.

Here are more steps along the way

E3287DE3-B4FE-4D53-A2ED-F24C9C2B0050  I progressively used lighter tones apply lighter pressure on each layer of my grey dry brushing.  

Final images