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Mourngul - The nightmare of the living

When I bought my first army of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, the Nighthaunts, I didn't accept that monsters with the keyword "nighthaunt" didn't exist except for Mourngul ... I just didn't like it as a model! So, without the slightest experience, I decided to create my very own Mourngul and here I will tell you how I did it ...
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First of all I created the skeleton with rigid iron wire around which I could model my piece. I pierced the base and stopped the wire ... I must admit, I did it in a rough and inexperienced way.

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Molding and sculpting

I created a support with cork, assembled a few pieces of sprue that I needed and I started to sculpt one element at a time. it was my first sculpture experience.

To make the basis for the bust, I duplicated the bust of the model  Cygor of Breast of Chaos, using the Green Stuff World blue mold. I then added the guts and other details here and there.


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For the head I decided to use the head of the Slave To Darkness Manticore!

Painting and Basing

Once assembled and sculpted, I gave the primer and started painting and basing until the final result.

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The result

I added some blood to make it look more dangerous, some snow by Green Staff World because all my Nighthaunts are set in a winter context, some amethyst crystals by Green Staff World (I bought the transparent ones that I then painted Violet). And the result is this. Hope you like it.  
If I can I will upload better photos in the next few days.

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