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Flakpanzer Wirbelwind Stoumont 16th December 1944

1/35 scale model and diorama base of a flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind filmed by a German Kriegsberichter in Stoumont on the 16th December 1944. 

The Wirbelwind model is a commercially available 1/35 scale plastic model kit from Academy, I however updated it with scratchbuilt parts, photo etch, and spare parts from Dragon and Zvezda. 

All figures were adapted using a 50/50 mix of Greenstuff and miliput putty to resculpt commercially available Masterbox, Tamiya, Miniart and Dragon figures. 

The diorama base was made using styrofoam plaster and wood putty to create ground work which was then painted using Vallejo and Ammo mig acrylics. The leaves where made using the Greenstuff leaf punch aswell as trimmings from an asparagus fern plant.


Categoría: Modeling and sculpture Historical Vehicles