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Looted Tiger

Orks loot anything... Here my scratch built/ kitbash German tiger for my blood axes.

Categoría: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Orks

time for a new engine



i wanted to push my skills while using plasticard. for a tiger the engine was the first you herd roaring into battle and i wanted to upgrage the preformence. So i made 2 v6 engines, one for each track.

IMG_20210228_101921_746 IMG_20210228_101944_573 with all the little details done it was time for paint. i had so much fun building this beast. from the ramshackle armour to the twin nitro fuled v6 engines. I pride myself on the details and i feel that ive out done myself on this project.

IMG_20210512_102303_944 IMG_20210512_102326_854 IMG_20210512_102350_840