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Baron Munchausen Rides the Cannonball

35mm Scale Baron Munchausen depicted riding a fired cannonball through the sky into an enemy camp.

Inspired by watching Terry Gilliam's movie adaptation of the classic character, with references for the miniature's design coming from various images both from literary sources and the movie.

various wires used for armature, greenstuff and polymer clay used for the sculpting and sheet tin used for the sword.

Categoría: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Human

Sculpting Notes

I first created the base from wire and a wooden bead. Greenstuff was used for bulking out, creating a surface for polymer clay to adhere to and for the rough surface of the cannonball.

The figure armature was created with thinner wire and attached with a combination of drilled holes in the bead, super glue and greenstuff.

The arms and head were added separately after the torso had been finished due to awkward spaces being created by the pose.

The sword was cut and filed from thin gauge tin sheet with the wire armature attached by glue and greenstuff.

Piece was baked multiple times throughout sculpting to ensure details werent ruined whilst working on other areas. Isopropyl alcohol was used prior to baking to smooth surfaces and erase fingerprints/toolmarks.