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It may not seem like it now, but you’re looking at a pretty kick ass monster bust.

I’ve decided to dramatically expand the scope of my sculpting, from modifications to existing pieces to crafting them whole cloth. This’ll be my first attempt.

I’ll be sure to share the inevitable failure. It’ll make the triumphs of a few months down the road even sweeter.

Challenge yourself artistically today. You only get so many.

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Just rough anatomical forms on top of the armature right now, all hand work.

Just rough anatomical forms on top of the armature right now, all hand work. Going to start raking and unifying the sructures then onto refining.

For my first attempt at building facial structures, I’m happy. If I can manage my way around the tools tomorrow, I might even fire this and paint it.

Turns out, I enjoy sculpting tremendously. I honestly had no idea.


Starting to work some of the details in.

Starting to work some of the details in.

Really slow going, due to lots of trial and error. I’m really quite pleased with everything so far. It has lots of refinement still to go, but I’ve not yet failed miserably, and am getting more optometric with every success.


building up armor

Baked off the head, and am building up armor and what not now. The white powder is a residue from the acetone wash to smooth the final details.

I didn’t prove to be Michaelangelo, on my first bust, but so far it’s turned out better than I thought it would, by a mile. I’m a better painter than sculptor, so I’m hoping I can jazz it up more with the brush.



Ready to prime

Putty can’t cure fast enough. Ready to prime… after like three forevers of curing.