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Pippin, the happiest Hobbit Alive!

I bought some Lord of the Rings miniatures, and the store @Comitivadosdragoes sent me this tiny boy as a gift. I have to confess that I was more excited about painting him than the other characters lol

He's the first LOTR miniature I painted and finished.
Next in line is Sauron, but NMM is taking a bit longer.



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Let's get started!

First of all: Primer!

I only have this dark grey Primer, but I wish I had a white one to paint him faster.

Group 11

Skin-hair time!

Group 9 Group 10

Slay the runway!

Group 7 Group 8

Can you do a barrel roll?

Group 5

Look how small he is! And how dirty are those feet!

Group 4

Finish him!

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3