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Sharky McShark Face from the Bomb Disposal Team

Sharky McSharkFace is the latest recruit on the bomb disposal team.  He has showed up for his first job smoking a pipe and with what looks like an unopened Bomb Disposal manual.  The other fish are not convinced by this (or his choice in tool) and are making a sharp exit!  

The framed pictire is 77" x 55" and uses 7lb of Sculpy Polymer Clay plus 1lb of Epoxy clay (mainly to attach to the background and to hide the join, as he had to be baked in 2 pieces).  Project uses 4 different GreenStuffWorld acrylic rollers and 4 of their molds (both steampunk gears, fans and vents plus soem tyres) plus others. 


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Using a simple cardboard form I created the base layer for my shark.  I cut holes where I want to see inside and where the fins/tail goSharky McShark Face Baselayer  

Texture Layer

After baking the baselayer I add the texture layer, I used Green Stuff World rollers and also the texture from one of my tools handle.  I then hid the seems with strips of clay, either textured or added rivets/screw heads to plain stripsSharky McShark Face Texturelayer 

Coming Together

I have now created and baked the tail and fins and started on the detail of the main body.  This uses lots and lots of molded gears (plus a few handmade ones) plus the rollmaker.


Sharky McShark Face ComingTogether 

In the Oven

Once I have all the detail on it's time for the oven.  Here's half of him and you can see the edges proped up with card so they don't's a close fit


Sharky McShark Face InOven


Close up you can see all the wonderful details,  the black clay has been dry brushed with metalic paints 


 Sharky McShark Face Detail