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Azmodan sculpture

This is my personal sculpture of Amzodan, Lord of Sin, from Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III franchise.


The sculpture was made in MonsterClay. From the clay mode silicon rubber molds  were made and then casted in resin. 

The resin model was assembled and handpainted using an airbrush and paintbrushes.


I made this to learn new techniques and learn to work with new materials. This is my second sculpture, my first was an Alien from the Alien franchise, which is aloo on my instagram (

And this was my first sculpt using MonsterClay and resin castings. 

Hope you like it! I learned a lot and am willing to share any insights you want.


Kind regards



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Azmodan sculpting process

20190611 - Azmodan - WiP - 001 20190611 - Azmodan - WiP - 002 Body LegDesign sculpt process_2

Azmodan final painted version

kt_azmodan_detaill_base lrg_azmodan_overall_001 lrg_azmodan_overall_002 lrg_azmodan_overall_003 lrg_azmodan_overall_004