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Belisarius Cawl on martian factory Base

Belisarius Cawl is the leader of my adeptus Mechanicus army.

My Army's color scheme is heavily inspired by fallout new vegas, I wanted to capture a more gritty, dirty and grimdark style.


The bases were made with Greenstuffworld Texture rollers, citadel texture paint and Greenstuffworld pigments.



Categoría: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Human


I started by using Greenstuff and Greenstuffworld Texture Rollers "factory" and "Mesh" to create the base texture:

2021-01-21 16-10-09

2021-01-21 18-11-27

After letting it cure over night I cut off the overhanging greenstuff 

2021-01-22 22-52-25 2021-02-07 13-00-33

and proceeded to Prime and paint the base Metal and added the Texture paint.

2021-02-07 19-14-19 2021-02-07 21-33-36

I used AK streaking grime to weather the metal parts and painted the martian soil with a wash and a 3 stage drybrush, I finished up the look by adding some Greenstuffworld red pigments to the edges of the martian soil to get a nice fading sand effect.

First step: priming, basecoat and leather

after assembling and priming the Miniature I basecoated it with Vallejo Gunmetal and basecoated the cloak parts with Rhinox hide


the next stage is painting the cloak, I used several different browns and beiges to stiple on the paint and create a natural weathered texture

20210228_144500 20210228_144506

second step: metal, tubes and Lenses

in the second stage I washed the metal parts of the model in a mix of Nuln oil and agrax earthshade. I used contrast paints on the tubes and cables and also on the metal parts that will later be copper and brass.

20210228_183517 20210228_183525 20210228_183530 20210228_183533

third step: more details and final touches

in this last stage I picked out more details like the gauges, different tubes, coils and baubles, lenses.

I delibaretly used bright colors for this stage to add more contrast to the otherwise desaturated Colorscheme.

I also used different brighter metallics to add highlights to the metal parts.

I painted the baserim black and let everything dry over night.

20210301_193212 20210301_193221 20210301_193227 20210301_193231 20210301_193240

final step "say cheese"

before taking the final pictures I used a matte varnish to seal in the pigments and to protect the paint.

after letting that dry I proceeded to take the final pictures.

2021-03-01 20-13-14 2021-03-01 20-13-14 2021-03-01 20-13-25 2021-03-01 20-13-38 2021-03-01 20-13-48 2021-03-01 20-13-57 2021-03-01 20-14-10 2021-03-01 20-14-17 

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